Taylor Swift Donates to Food Bank

Taylor Swift donated to Tarrant Area Food Bank before her three shows in nearby Arlington. She has also made similar donations in other cities on her tour, according to a Local Profile article. They say,

“The Tarrant Area Food Bank is The Lucky One as Taylor Swift donated money to the Texas food bank ahead of her three shows at nearby AT&T Stadium in Arlington on March 31 through April 2.

This is Nothing New as Swift has made other charitable donations to other food banks in cities across her tour dates. Bringing good Karma, she made donations to the Arizona Food Bank Network before her Glendale, Ariz., concert as well as, Three Square in Las Vegas on her recent Las Vegas stop.”

The Tarrant Area Food Bank thanks Taylor Swift for her donation, which comes at a time when food banks are seeing increasing need. Swift is known for her philanthropy, including past donations to her hometown library and helping a fan pay off their student loans, according to an FW article. They say, 

““We want to thank Taylor for this gift, and for caring about people who may not know where their next meal will come from in the Tarrant Area,” says Julie Butner, President & CEO of Tarrant Area Food Bank. “Food banks across the state are seeing increases in need due to inflation rising costs and we know her donation couldn’t have come at a greater time of need. Today at the Taylor Area Food Bank, as we’ve been calling it all week, Taylor is a Hunger Hero.”

But this news is only the latest in a slew of philanthropic prowess on the part of Swift who has for years been known to donate funds to people and charities in need. One of Swift’s first donations can be traced back to October of 2011 when she donated $70,000 in books to her hometown library. In 2015 she helped one fan pay their student loans. In 2021, the songstress donated $15,500 to a 19-year-old fan whose mother has been in a coma for three years and the list goes on.”

AT&T Stadium, the iconic home of the Dallas Cowboys, has served as a beacon of hope and compassion during the holiday season and the ongoing pandemic. The stadium has opened its doors to the community, allowing many individuals and families to receive free meals from the North Texas Food Bank.