The Gooey Molds of Your Nightmares Are Now a Thing of the Past Thanks to 3D Printing

mBrace Frisco Orthodontics has just made the braces experience even easier. If you have any experience with retainers or mouthpieces of any kind you probably have vivid memories of gagging on the U-shaped bite mold. While oral care professionals try to make this experience as comfortable as possible, usually it’s just not. The goop oozes out the back of the mold and can trigger your gag reflex. Then you’ve got to hold it there for 2 minutes while trying to breathe calmly through your nose. The really fun part where the tech tries to extract the now completely hardened mold back out of your mouth. If you’re lucky, the mold is correct the first time and all you have to do now is get all the chunks of hardened resin out of your mouth and off of your chin. 

Thanks to Dental 3D printing, this whole experience can now be a thing of the past. In-office dental 3D printing is improving the patient experience in forward-thinking practices all over the world. 3D printing enables better responsiveness to patient needs, a significantly more pleasant patient experience, greatly reduced manufacturing times, and new treatment options.

Now, at mBrace Frisco Orthodontics, if you need a retainer, clear aligners, an indirect bonding tray, or another custom dental appliance, the whole experience will be a breeze. 

With our new digital workflow, a full-mouth scanner provides a “picture” of your teeth. No messy clean up and no gagging involved. Once your file has been created it is loaded into the 3D printer software, where with a few swift clicks the file is prepared for printing. Our in-office printer is a Digital Light Processing (DLP) unit. It uses safe, biocompatible resin to create models at a speed and accuracy rate that far surpasses that of the old traditional printers. This means less wait-time for you.

Once your model is printed, it goes through a series of post-processing steps to clean and cure the resin Your models can now be saved and used multiple times to make custom-fit orthodontic appliances just for you. There is very little wait time from acquisition to the creation of the final product and this provides for greater accuracy and speed and helps create a customized seamless digital experience for our patients.