Trinity Metro Bus System’s Better Connection

A redesigned system for the Trinity Metro Bus is set to operate on September 5 according to a Fort Worth Texas article from August 12. They state,

“Trinity Metro will roll out its newly redesigned bus system with more frequency, extended hours and better customer options on Sunday, Sept. 5.

Known as A Better Connection, the redesign will offer customers more direct routes that reach their destination without having to go through downtown.”

The new system’s schedule was posted in a Community Impact News article. The schedule shows the much more organized and improved system that will be implemented. Verily, the system’s changes will prove to provide more access and options to the customers who have given their insights and inputs as data for the company to develop this new system.  the needed data to produce the new system.  

Trinity Metro’s article laid out the overall highlights set to take place in September. 

Increased frequency

  • Route 4 East Rosedale and Route 6 8th Ave/McCart will increase service to every 15 minutes.
  • Within 1/4-mile of high-frequency transit:
    • 44,500 more people in 15,100 more households
    • 25,100 more jobs
  • 7 hospitals, 40 schools, and 1 college campus


More Sunday service

  • 7 route segments with new Sunday service
  • Serving 25,600 more people in 9,300 more households
  • Providing access to 9,600 more jobs
  • Serving 4 hospitals and 1 college campus
  • Later service (until between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m.)


12 route segments with later service

  • Serving 27,400 more people in 23,100 more households
  • Providing access to 23,100 more jobs
  • Serving 4 hospitals and 2 colleges
  • Streamlined services


Better crosstown connectivity with 14 routes combined into 8 longer routes

  • Another 13 routes adjusted for faster and more direct service.
  • Overall, 8 fewer routes because of system simplification.”


The changes in the transportation system by the Trinity Metro will dramatically relax commuters and workers alike because the additional frequency, hours, and routes are convenient and accommodating. Notably, while the pandemic crisis is ongoing, it is a relief to know that there are still improvements happening to make life easier.

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