Trompo Closes Down

Another restaurant in Dallas joins the 2021 heartbreaking restaurant closing as the year ends according to a Dallas Morning News article from December 28 which reports,  

“Trompo in the Bishop Arts neighborhood of Oak Cliff permanently closed on Dec. 24, 2021, according to an Instagram post by the restaurant that showed a photo of receipt with the wording “The Last Taco.” The Trompo East Dallas location, which opened in Aug. 2021, is still open at 4201 Gaston Ave.

Trompo, owned by Luis Olvera, began as a tiny taqueria in West Dallas, then moved to the bright, bigger spot in Bishop Arts in 2019. The casual walk-up spot had an outdoor window and picnic tables for dining. Olvera also expanded the menu once he moved to Oak Cliff, adding brunch and burger sliders to his selection of tacos and quesadillas. Olvera was not immediately available for comment.

Trompo received national attention in 2016 when it earned a spot on Bon Appetit’s list of the 50 best new restaurants in America.”

However, Olvera said that loyal customers and fans won’t be deprived of their prize menu and food for long since they are looking for another location already according to a Dallas Observer article from December 30 which reports, 

“Oak Cliff is my home. Trompo started in my backyard, and we are aggressively pursuing another spot in the neighborhood,” Olvera said.

For now, those who need a taco fix can visit his new(ish) location in East Dallas, where he says they’re getting established in the neighborhood.

“We’re meeting our neighbors, and honestly this will be a nice refresh for East Dallas,” Olvera says. The Oak Cliff location required a lot of time and attention, and now he looks forward to reinvigorating this spot. He plans to get back to pop-ups, “back to our roots and things that fueled us in the beginning.”

Updates and details regarding their temporary spot which makes their delicious tacos can be found in their website and Instagram account