Uniqlo Expands ‘LifeWear’ Concept to North Texas Stores

UNIQLO is set to open its first Texas stores in Dallas-Fort Worth this fall and winter, part of a North American expansion plan aiming for 200 stores by 2027, according to a Dallas Innovates article. In it they say, 

“UNIQLO, a Japan-based apparel retailer known for its high-tech “LifeWear” attire and values of “simplicity, quality, and longevity,” is opening its first stores in Texas this fall and winter—including three in Dallas-Fort Worth.

The openings are part of the company’s “ambitious” plan to to reach 200 stores in North America by 2027, including additional West Coast locations slated for this year.

Locally, new UNIQLO stores will be opening at Galleria Dallas, The Parks Mall at Arlington, and Stonebriar Centre in Frisco. Two other Texas locations will be opening in Houston’s Memorial City Mall and Sugar Land’s First Colony Mall.”

UNIQLO plans to open stores in Texas malls like Galleria Dallas and The Parks Mall, driven by strong customer demand and online interest for their fall and winter collections, according to a Dallas Morning News article. As per the report,

“The area stores will be in Galleria Dallas, Frisco’s Stonebriar Centre and The Parks Mall at Arlington, bringing a fresh concept to Texans as the local malls try to emerge stronger from the pandemic. The two other Texas stores will open in Houston’s Memorial City Mall and Sugar Land’s First Colony Mall. At the same time, Uniqlo announced six new stores in California.

“We have seen positive customer demand” from Texas with strong interest from online shoppers, said Yoshihide Shindo, Uniqlo USA CEO. Stores will open in time for fall and winter shopping.”

Despite its smaller presence compared to competitors like H&M and Zara, UNIQLO’s profitable North American operations are expanding, aiming for 200 stores by 2027.