Updates On Frisco Online Learning

The Frisco ISD monitors students’ web activity for suicide prevention, raising questions on privacy and ethics according to a Dallas Observer article from April 27th. In it they say:

“Frisco ISD began using a program called Lightspeed Alert at the start of the school year, assistant communications director Meghan Cone said in an email. The program purports to prevent suicide, cyberbullying and self-harm by monitoring across education apps and social media.”

Online learning has been a difficult adjustment, even as students have had almost a whole year of it. Despite the challenges it brings, it looks like it’ll be here for the long haul according to a Fox 4 article from  April 23rd. In it they say:

“Frisco ISD has released its plans for a permanent, full-time virtual school option for students starting in the 2021-22 school year.

The Frisco ISD Virtual School would serve students in grades 3-12 at no added cost, and enrollment would be open to students who live in Frisco ISD boundaries.

The virtual school would meet all grade level and graduation course requirements, but those in the Frisco ISD Virtual School would not be able to participate in extracurricular activities, like sports and fine arts.”

The State of Texas has yet to release guidelines on online learning for next year, so for now, the Frisco ISD’s plans are just that, plans. 

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