Water Tower in Frisco

Frisco will be updating, improving and adding water tanks as part of the initiative to sustain the residents of Frisco according to a Community Impact article from December 21 which reports, 

“This winter Frisco began work on the elevated water storage tank on Eldorado Parkway near Granbury Drive. The tank is one of the last ones in the city with the blue city logo on it, and it is due for its lifecycle painting, said Kevin Grant, Frisco’s assistant director of public works. He said it should take about six months to complete.

The city has plans to add another elevated water storage tank on Preston Road near Rock Hill Road, but that project is still probably two years out, Grant said. This water tank will help provide pressure and water service to the Professional Golfers’ Association and Fields projects that are growing in that corridor, he said.

The city is also working to invest in its reuse system, Grant said. The goal is to bring reused water to the city’s parks to conserve potable water and instead irrigate its parks with reused water. The city already does this in some of its parks, primarily on the west side of the city, but officials want to expand the current system, Grant said.

To help the city stay ahead of how much water it needs to provide, Frisco created a master plan with a consultant about five years ago, Grant said. This plan extends to a 50-year projection, but it is being updated continuously as a living document, he said. He and his team stay in communication with other departments in the city to make sure water is being conserved and the city can accurately prepare for future needs, he said.”

Despite updates, improvements and additions, the water quality in Frisco is actually one of the best as its water operations have continuous routine checks and maintenance according to the City’s website which says, 

“The City of Frisco’s water system has a superior rating with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and exceeds all state and federal drinking water standards. This rating reflects the hard work and efforts by our employees to deliver safe, high-quality drinking water to our customers.

The city purchases treated water from North Texas Municipal Water District. Upon arrival in Frisco, water is stored in ground storage tanks until it is pumped into an elevated water tower. It flows through approximately 940 miles of water mains and two pump stations before it is piped to customers’ homes, schools and businesses.”

This water tank projects were intended to help provide quality water to more than 200,000 Frisco residents as well as businesses that are starting to progress with the pandemic finally easing.