What Can You Eat And Drink With Invisalign On?

Invisalign has a lot of benefits. They’re less invasive compared to braces, and they’re more discreet too. On top of that, they can be removed for ease of cleaning, brushing, and eating. That being said, there are a few things you need to be aware of before you down that soda pop and wolf down those chips. 


Can you eat while your Invisalign trays are in? 

No. Eating with your trays in will be incredibly cumbersome and uncomfortable. More than that, the human bite is stronger than you think. It takes a surprising amount to force to bite into things and chew as anyone who has ever accidentally bitten their finger while eating will know. That force is strong enough to do some serious damage to your trays if you keep them on while eating. 


How about chewing gum and candy?

Absolutely not. Chewing gum with your retainers on ticks almost all of the bad side effects we mentioned above, the destructive bite, the sugar residue, the plastic staining, everything except heat warping. Remove your trays before taking a piece of gum.  Even if it’s the strength of your bite that’s the primary concern, many foods that don’t require chewing can still be harmful to your trays. For example, ice cream and candy, while easy enough to eat and not needing any chewing, can still leave some residue on your trays that can lead to corrosion and bacterial growth if not properly cleaned out. Best to remove your trays before eating anything. 


What about drinks?

Yes, you can drink with your trays in, as long as it isn’t a hot beverage. The heat can cause the plastic to warp and misshape. Also, be wary of making a habit out of keeping your aligner in while drinking. Popular beverages like tea and coffee (yes, even Boba milk tea and ice coffee frappes) can stain the color of your aligners, defeating the “invisible” purpose of Invisalign. Also, sugary drinks like soda and pre-packed juice can leave sugar residue which makes it easier for bacteria to propagate. As a safe rule of thumb, if it isn’t col water, take your trays off before drinking. 


Yes, Invisalign has quite a deal of benefits and is probably easier to adjust to compared to braces, but there are still a few changes you have to make in order to maximize the effects of your treatment. For any more concerns or inquiries, or to start your journey to get the smile you deserve, feel free to schedule a consultation with us here at mBrace. 

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