What To Do If You Break A Wire

Wires link all of the brackets in standard metal braces. While these wires are very durable, certain patients may have problems with them or other aspects of their orthodontic equipment. It isn’t too uncommon to break a wire, and if you do, it’s no real cause for alarm as we here at mBrace will help you through it.  

What To Do When A Wire Breaks?

The first thing to do is to contact your orthodontist. Based on the seriousness of the situation they may be able to recommend a temporary at-home solution. A bent or poking wire isn’t quite as dangerous as it seems. You should be able to deal with the bent or poking wire at home based on how and where it is placed on your braces. Many small wire problems can be fixed at home to help you feel more comfortable until you can see your orthodontist. In many situations, you can just wait for your next scheduled appointment to have your orthodontist address the situation. When you call in, your orthodontist may suggest one of the solutions below:

  1. Apply a bead of orthodontic wax given by your orthodontist. This is likely a solution for a broken wire that is poking out and may present a risk of injuring your cheek or gums. 
  2. Bending the wire back in place. This is a solution for a snapped wire that is protruding too greatly for orthodontic wax to cover it. 
  3. Trimming the wire. This is a rare and usually avoided solution. Your orthodontist will likely only suggest this if for some reason you cannot make it into their office in person. You can trim the protruding wire yourself at home with a good pair of nail clippers, but take care not to swallow the clipped wire. Do the procedure with your face slightly tilted forward and over a napkin or cloth to catch the trimming. 

In the event that a wire does cut the inside of your mouth, treat the cut immediately. Make use of an oral-safe topical pain reliever like Anbesol. Also, frequently rinse out your mouth with some salt dissolved in water to clean the small wound. Wires can snap for a variety of reasons. An active lifestyle or contact sports can put you at risk of injury that can damage your braces. A strong bite or eating corrosive foods can also contribute to the wearing of your braces. To get the smile you deserve, schedule a consultation with us here at mBrace. 


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