Whataburger Employees Surprised with $1,000 Tip

Country music star Jelly Roll surprises Dallas Whataburger employees with a spontaneous act of generosity, gifting $200 tips each, according to an Audacy article. They say, 

“After visiting a Whataburger in Dallas, Jelly Roll tipped the five Whataburger employees who were working late that night $200 each!

In a video posted to TikTok, Jelly Roll can be seen asking the employee working the window how many other employees were in the store, before revealing that he would send him $1,000, to be divided equally amongst everyone else.”

Initially skeptical, the Whataburger employee couldn’t believe it when Jelly Roll confirmed the $200 tip offer was real, according to a Southern Living article. They say, 

“At first, the employee was skeptical. 

“For real?” he asked the star.

“I’m dead serious,” Jelly Roll assured him. “Right now.”

“We do this all the time, y’all just caught us live,” he told the camera before handing his phone back to his friend. 

A follow-up video filmed by one of the lucky Whataburger employees shows the aftermath of the transaction that was eventually conducted via Cash App.”

Jelly Roll’s documentary, “Save Me,” premiered on Hulu, showcasing his mission to help and inspire others through his own experiences.