WNV up again in Frisco

Frisco officials and residents are once again on the alert after mosquito pools around the city have been turning positive for the West Nile Virus according to an Frisco Enterprise article from July 1. They say,

“The city of Frisco received confirmation that a mosquito pool tested ’positive’ for West Nile Virus (WNV) near Copper Point Ln. in the Village Lakes neighborhood.

In response, the city will ground spray July 1 – 2, in some areas of these neighborhoods: Village Lakes, Crosspointe Park, Park Place Estates, Pearson Farms, Heritage Village and Westfalls Village.”

Weather permitting, a third-party contractor will apply treatment for two consecutive nights starting at 9 o’clock tonight, July 1, through 5 a.m. Saturday morning. The overnight schedule is the same on Saturday, ending 5 a.m. Sunday morning.”

Just this June, two pools turned positive in different parts of Frisco but city officials did not conduct any treatment for the two pools according to a WFAA article from June 17. They say, 

“A pool near Potomac Lane, near the intersection of Eldorado and Independence parkways, tested positive this week.

As a result, the city will do a ground spray for mosquitoes in the Villages of Stonelake Estates, Stonelake Estates and Custer Creek Farms on Friday night and Saturday night.

Last week, a positive pool was discovered near McCommas and Michelle drives in the Creekside at Preston neighborhood but no ground sprays were ordered. City officials decided to monitor the area for mosquito pools instead.”

Frisco officials are encouraging the residents to be extra careful and likewise asked them to wear proper clothing and use insect repellents whenever possible. Additionally, residents are urged to remove any standing water as these waters are the breeding grounds of the mosquitoes.