WW2 Veteran From Frisco Celebrates Centennial Birthday

         Burnie Sutter, a WW2 veteran has just turned 100 and the Frisco community very much noticed according to a Dallas Morning News article from April 10th. In it they say:

“Burnie Sutter and his family couldn’t keep the smiles off their faces Saturday morning as they took in the parade of about 100 cars celebrating the WWII veteran for his 100th birthday.

Sutter, who sported military medallions honoring his service, waved from a wheelchair as family after family drove past and honked or cheered in his direction at Saddle Brook Memory Care Community, an assisted-living facility in Frisco.

. . .

The parade honored Sutter, a Frisco native who was one of the 90th Infantry Division’s first fighters to enter Czechoslovakia in the push to end World War II. Sutter also landed on the beaches of Normandy as a heavy weapons machine gunner on June 6, 1944, and is one of few American D-Day veterans still alive today.”

          Community leaders and representatives from organizations like Families of WW2 Veterans also too part according to a PR.com press release dated April 11th. In it they say:

“Families of World War II Veterans is excited to announce it took part in a special birthday celebration in Frisco in honor of World War II veteran Burnie Sutter’s 100th birthday on Saturday, April 10. To help commemorate the birthday of this war hero, Families of World War II Veterans sponsored an airplane flyover with a birthday banner and contributed World War II-era cars as part of a drive-by parade. In recognition of the veteran’s years of service, life and legacy, Families of World War II Veterans has named a $2,500 scholarship in Mr. Sutter’s honor.”

          The WW2 Veteran definitely had a memorable centennial birthday, memorable for more than just himself, his friends, and family, but for the whole community as well. 


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