New Patient Forms

Please fill out a new patient questionaire below before your appointment. Have dental insurance? Call or text us at

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What To Expect At Your First Visit

Your first visit to mBrace Orthodontics is very important to us. It is the beginning of a journey and we want to make sure you are comfortable, understand your options, and choose to become a part of the mBrace family. The consultation appointment typically takes an hour to ensure you have ample time to ask questions, understand the financial arrangements, and help us assist you in making the right choice.
Dr. Shireen will examine the pictures and digital x-rays taken during the visit, review notes from your dentist, and also address any concerns you may have about your smile. Information gathered from the exam will allow us to provide you with different treatment options which may include recall appointments to monitor growth and development on our younger patients, metal or clear braces for our young adults, and Invisalign for patients who desire a clear alternative to braces. Our customized treatment plans include affordable payment arrangements to help you get started on your journey. If treatment is recommended now, we can start on the same day as we value your time and commitment to your oral health. We look forward to being the orthodontic provider for your entire family!

When is the right time for Orthodontics?

Patients experiencing orthodontic problems can benefit from orthodontic treatment at practically any age. The best time for orthodontic treatment is determined after a complete examination, and can start in early adolescence as the mouth and jaw bones are still growing at this time. Consequently, the teeth can be easily accessed for straightening. 

Even so, it should be understood that braces are not only for children and teenagers. An increasing number of adults are also now choosing orthodontic treatment to correct bite issues and improve the look of their smiles. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, all children should receive an orthodontic screening by age seven. Permanent teeth typically begin to come in by this age and it is at this age that most orthodontic problems will become apparent. Since growth and development are rapid, it is a good time for children to be evaluated. 

At this time, the orthodontist can determine if treatment is needed, and if so, what treatment is most appropriate and when it should begin.


mBrace Orthodontics is adapting to the changes brought about by the arrival of COVID-19. We want to ensure continuity and timeliness of your new or existing orthodontic treatment. From using technology for virtual visits, to new office protocols, we are committed to being there for you in a way that keeps all of us safe and healthy.


There are six photos required. Please see below for sample photos.

  • Take timed selfies or have a friend/family member take the photos.

  • Make sure the flash is ON.

  • Relax your lips.

  • Try to capture only your teeth/lips.

  • Most Important: Keep your teeth biting together! Make sure to bite on your back teeth