BBQ Joint Pays Tribute to Rangers

Loop 9 BBQ in Grand Prairie pays tribute to Nolan Ryan’s iconic punch with the addition of a new drink, the “Nolan Punch,” inspired by the Rangers’ historic moment, according to an Audacy article. They say,

“One of the most iconic images in Texas Rangers history is Nolan Ryan’s infamous beatdown of Robin Ventura during a game against the Chicago White Sox in 1993.

As tribute to that infamous moment, and inspired by the Rangers clinching the American League Pennant, Loop 9 BBQ in Grand Prairie has added a new drink to the menu called the “Nolan Punch.””

Loop 9 BBQ’s “Nolan Punch” cocktail, blending Tito’s vodka, Blue Curacao, white cranberry, and lime, pays homage to the Texas Rangers’ Nolan Ryan and the infamous 1993 brawl with Robin Ventura, according to a Dallas Morning News article. They say, 

“The drink, made with Tito’s vodka, Blue Curacao, white cranberry and lime and served in a red sugar-rimmed glass, tips its hat to legendary Texas Rangers pitcher Nolan Ryan. The name of the drink is inspired by one of the most infamous in baseball history: the 1993 brawl between Ryan and White Sox third baseman Robin Ventura.”

Other local spots join in honoring the Rangers, such as Motor City Pizza in Lewisville with its “Texas Ranger” pie adorned with hot dogs and Cracker Jack dust.