Bus Driver Shortage in Frisco 

The national bus driver shortage in Frisco has prompted the ISD to request the parents to drive their kids to school along with the suggestion of carpooling with other students according to a Dallas Morning News article from November 17 which reports, 

“Frisco ISD’s transportation department is asking parents to consider driving kids to school because of the national bus driver shortage, a request that concerns those who protested the district’s new rezoning plan.

“We are asking parents who have the ability to consider alternative modes of transportation, such as driving your student or setting up a carpool,” reads the email obtained by The Dallas Morning News. “We need parent assistance now to help avoid any drastic issues with bussing services.”

Wixon said the district is researching transportation alternatives, including double runs. The district already implements consolidated bus routes, combined routes and “other creative routing techniques.

“Frisco ISD, along with surrounding districts, have been searching for ways to ease the strain on transportation by educating parents and proactively communicating needs,” He wrote. “The letter… is the district’s first attempt to communicate this need to parents and work together to ensure transportation continuity.”

However, the shortage of bus drivers is not the only problem for Frisco ISD at the moment as the pandemic continues to run the ISD’s staff short according to a Community Impact article from November 18 which reports, 

“In addition to drivers, the district has a need for custodians, substitute teachers and members of the Child Nutrition Program. FISD currently needs:

  • 96 total cooks and cashiers for the Child Nutrition Program
  • 70 custodians
  • 39 Crossing guards
  • 24 bus drivers
  • 15 bus monitors

“As far as substitutes, we need as many as possible,” Kirchoff said.”

The transportation problem in Frisco should be addressed as soon as possible so as to prepare the Frisco ISD as well as the whole community for the changes that will take effect next school year regarding the zoning and boundary changes.

People who are interested in applying for the substitute teacher positions can contact Somar Crowder through email at [email protected] 

People who are interested in applying for the other mentioned positions in Frisco ISD can go directly to www.friscoisd.org/emplyoment/current-openings