Deep Ellum Welcomes World-Famous Pita Spot, Miznon

Miznon, a Mediterranean street food chain by Chef Eyal Shani, is set to open in Dallas this fall, aiming to capture the essence of the city’s flavors within their pitas, according to an Advocate article. They say,

“Miznon, an Israeli restaurant chain created by chef Eyal Shani specializing in innovative Mediterranean street food, is opening in the fall in the former Postino space at 2639 Main St, one of the many new global restaurants to enter the city this year.

“The vision of the Miznon is based on haute cuisine food, to take the taste of each city and translate it into pita. We take the energy, desires, limitations, beauty, and food and express it all in one pita,” Chef Eyal Shani said.”

Miznon’s menu in Deep Ellum, Dallas, promises a fusion of local flavors with Mediterranean street food, featuring pita-stuffed delights like cauliflower, falafel, and carnivorous options like rib-eye steak, according to a Dallas Observer article which says, 

“The menu at Miznon will have some local touches (it hasn’t been published yet). But typically, Mediterranean street fare is stuffed in a pita or served “out of the pita.” There are hearty vegetable options as well as beef, lamb and chicken.

At the Chelsea Market location, a lavan pita ($14) comes with cauliflower, tahini, tomato salsa, spicy green peppers and scallions. There’s also a falafel burger and a wild mushroom pita (described on the menu as “a whole forest burned on hot steel”). Carnivore options included a rib-eye minute steak, a folded cheeseburger, rotisserie broken chicken and female chicken livers.”

While an exact opening date for Miznon in Dallas is yet to be announced, the restaurant is actively conducting interviews for all positions, indicating its imminent arrival.