DMA Announces Finalists for Expansion Project

Dallas Museum of Art has shortlisted six teams for its Art District campus redesign. Established firms dominate, with one exception, according to a Dallas Morning News article that reports, 

“The Dallas Museum of Art has announced a shortlist of six teams that will compete to reimagine its Art District campus, and if you were hoping for the unexpected (or a Black or Latinx architect) you will be disappointed. A plum commission, it had drawn broad interest from both established and younger, more experimental firms emboldened by the museum’s open call for submissions.

The museum’s selection committee, however, has leaned in to the tried and true — with one notable exception — choosing a group of firms with distinguished records of museum building.””

The Dallas Museum of Art has selected six finalists for its major expansion project, showcasing an exciting mix of talented and diverse design teams, including prominent and lesser-known studios, with a significant representation of women-led teams, according to a Dallas Innovates article. They say,

“The museum received 154 design submissions from all over the world. On Thursday, the DMA announced that it has selected six finalists:

Arteaga calls the shortlist “an exhilarating mix of talent and design approach.”

“The chosen teams feature luminaries but also smaller, less-known but gifted studios,” he said in a statement. “Each is itself a fascinating collaboration, multi-faceted with diverse aspects and skills. Notably, a significant proportion are led by women.””

The six chosen teams will present their visions at a public forum in May, followed by an exhibition in July. The winning team will be announced in August, receiving an honorarium and design expenses.