Eden Green’s Indoor Farming

Eden Green’s unique 62,500-square-foot Cleburne facility merges vertical and greenhouse farming for efficient, high-density plant growth and food production, according to a CW33 article which says, 

“Inside an unsuspecting greenhouse in Cleburne, Texas is an enormous 62,500 square-foot facility where thousands of leafy greens and herbs grow. This space is home to the Eden Green Technologies vertical farm – a one-of-a-kind automated hydroponic system that supplies each plant with everything they need to grow to their fullest potential.

“Vertical farming makes sense for us because we combine vertical farming with a greenhouse,” Aaron Fields, Vice President of Agriculture. “Traditional vertical farming is done indoors, it increases the density of the plants you can put out over a small footprint which is fantastic both for efficiency and effectiveness for your food to market.””

The indoor farming industry has experienced changes, and as Jacob Portillo from Eden Green Technology notes, even though it faces challenges, sustainable competitors are poised to thrive, according to a VOA News article. They say, 

“Meanwhile, two indoor farming companies that got strong backing — New Jersey’s AeroFarms and Kentucky’s AppHarvest — filed for bankruptcy reorganization. And a five-year-old company in Detroit, Planted Detroit, shut its doors this summer.

The industry changes do not worry Jacob Portillo, a grower with Eden Green Technology, an indoor farming company.

“The fact that other people are failing and other people are succeeding, that’s going to happen in any industry you go to, but specifically for us, I think that … the sustainable competitors … are going to start winning,” he said.”

Eden Green Technology is expanding its Cleburne indoor greenhouses, increasing lettuce production for Walmart, and adding new facilities for processing and packing. CEO Eddy Badrina announced the $40 million expansion, according to a Dallas Morning News article. The article reports:

“Eden Green Technology, a company that grows lettuce for Walmart stores in indoor greenhouses in Cleburne, is embarking on a $40 million expansion that will boost its production to nearly 6 million pounds of leafy greens a year.

The company already supplies produce to 400 stores served by a nearby Walmart distribution center. The expansion includes two new greenhouses with 125,000 square feet of space for vertical growing and 10,000 square feet for packing and processing, said CEO Eddy Badrina.”

Eden Green Technology’s strategic focus on lettuce and herbs, grown in a controlled environment, aims to disrupt a $10 billion industry with environmental and labor challenges.