Fourth Grader from Frisco Develops App

Saliha Abbas, a fourth grader from Frisco, attended classes in coding at the height of the pandemic, which led to her developing an app that won her a competition according to a NBCDFW article. They say, 

“A fourth grader at Jim Spradley Elementary in Frisco is encouraging kids to share with an app she invented called “Toy Share.” 

Ten-year-old Saliha Abbas signed up for coding classes at BYJU’s FutureSchool during the pandemic’s peak. That led to her creating the app that made her a finalist in a coding competition.”

With her app, Abbas aims to find homes for toys that are no longer being used according to a Local Profile article. They say, 

“Abbas’ idea for the app would be to create a new place for toys that have been outgrown or no longer needed and extend their value and usage for other children. Her hope is to continue to use her creativity as a digital artist. 

Plastic toys have a large impact on waste produced, and according to Green Matters, there are 40 tons of plastic used in the toy industry for every $1 million in revenue. Ninety percent of toys are made from plastic, and those old toys have to end up somewhere.”

Abbas’ creation is proof that kids’ creativity and imagination may develop in to something that helps others and encourages the act of giving.