Frisco Family Services in 2022

Frisco Family Services keeps itself strong and consistent as new year enters with more challenges especially with COVID-19 still on the front door according to  a Star Local Media article from

“With so many residents coming on a daily basis, staying at top of mind is so critical in that folks know that, yes, we’ve been in this pandemic for two years, the holiday season is over, but the need still exists,” said Nicole Bursey, executive director of Frisco Family Services.

As Frisco’s residential population has increased over time, Bursey said the organization has seen the community needs increase. That includes those who are unable to get a job due to long-haul challenges related to COVID-19 who are unable to get a job, those on a fixed income struggling with the rising prices of food and gas and those who moved to the area expecting a job and who ended up facing downsizes or shorter hours due to the pandemic.

Over the previous 20 months, Frisco Family Services provided over 582,000 meals and helped serve over 3,300 individuals, many of whom hadn’t ever needed help before, according to Bursey.

In addition, the organization saw a total of 24,678 volunteer hours, according to a report from the organization. However, Frisco Family Services still hasn’t returned to the level of volunteers that it saw before the inception of the pandemic, Bursey said.”

Despite these challenges, back in December 2021, the Frisco Family Service was able to put up a successful and eventful program for many families during the holiday season according to a Star Local Media article from December 13 which says,

“On Friday, the organization’s 4,000-square-foot Boxer Family Community Multi-Purpose Room was filled with bicycles, dolls, toy furniture and more, made up of donations from the surrounding community.

“Having this program is so key just for our families and for the community, because for families that have been through so much this past year, it’s going to provide hope for them, happiness, joy,” said Nicole Bursey, executive director of Frisco Family Services. “And so parents that are already dealing with a lot of difficult things, whether it be unemployment, getting well after an illness, trying to figure out how they’ll have gifts under the tree for their kids will not be something they have to worry about, because that will all be addressed here as a result of the generosity of our community.”

“This year, we were really concerned about toys because of all the supply chain issues,” Bursey said. “So we actually started in October requesting toys so that we could make sure we could save the holidays for kids.”

Frisco Family Services are primarily focusing on helping and aiding people in the community who are going through different crises in their lives and it has been running since 2007.