Frisco Police Collaborate in Training Self-Driving Cars for Stops

The Frisco Police Department partners with Aurora for autonomous vehicle tests on I-45, training self-driving tech for emergency vehicle recognition, according to a Local Profile article. They say, 

“The Frisco Police Department announced a partnership with self-driving vehicle technology company Aurora to conduct autonomous vehicle testing. According to Frisco PD’s statement published on the department’s X account (formerly Twitter), the tests will be held on a portion of I-45 south of Dallas, between Palmer and Ennis.

The tests aim to train self-driving technology to recognize emergency vehicles and respond appropriately. During the testing, a Frisco police officer will conduct mock traffic stops and pullovers on a manually driven Aurora Innovation Class 8 truck. The data obtained from these interactions will be used to improve the autonomous trucks’ responses.”

Frisco’s collaboration with Aurora continues, utilizing the I-45 corridor for autonomous truck training. Aurora President Ossa Fisher highlights their daily autonomous drives in Texas, according to a WFAA article. They say, 

“Frisco has partnered with Aurora, the transportation company featured earlier this year on WFAA, that is using the I-45 corridor near Ennis and Palmer as part of its training program for autonomous trucks.

“We’re driving autonomous loads everyday on Texas highways,” Aurora President Ossa Fisher told us this past November.”

Aurora has extensively mapped shipping routes in Texas, including Dallas to Houston and Fort Worth to El Paso. With human monitors, they aim for full autonomy by 2024.