Frisco’s $1.4 Million Step Forward for Performing Arts

The Frisco City Council has allocated $1.4 million for Theatre Projects Consultants, Inc. to assist in planning a performing arts complex. The project aims for a grand opening in late 2028 or early 2029, a long-cherished vision of Council member Tammy Meinershagen, according to a Dallas Morning News article. In it they say, 

“A performing arts complex in Frisco is one step closer after the City Council on Sept. 5 approved $1.4 million for services by Theatre Projects Consultants, Inc.

The 18-month plan with the consultant will help city officials understand size, cost, scale and impact of the proposed performing arts complex. The goal for grand opening is in late 2028 or early 2029, according to city documents.

This is a project Frisco City Council member Tammy Meinershagen has wanted for decades.”

The Frisco City Council’s decision to move forward with a performing arts complex follows a presentation outlining its potential, community engagement plans, and exploration of a “club model.” The approved agreement involves developing and designing the complex, including commitments from Broadway booking partners, according to a Frisco Enterprise article reporting,

“The move comes after a presentation at the city council’s summer work session that outlined the potential for a multi-venue performing arts complex that could support national, regional and community programming. At the time, the outlined next steps included getting community feedback and engagement as well as researching potential for a “club model,” a potential additional component to the complex that could be anything from a spot for dinner to a venue for meet and greet events with artists, according to a previous article by the Frisco Enterprise.

According to city documents, the agreement approved by the city council on Tuesday includes work to explore, develop, cost and design the proposed complex. An Aug. 21 letter from Theater Projects addressed to Frisco City Manager Wes Pierson also states that the work will include “identifying the necessary commitment from the Broadway booking partner,” among other services.”

According to Theatre Projects, their work could pave the way for the development or schematic design process in spring or summer 2025, potentially leading to a grand opening in late 2028 or early 2029 for the performing arts complex in Frisco.