No One Gets Left Behind: Mobile Pantry to fight against Dallas Food Insecurity

Tech firm ArganoKeste have built a mobile pantry app to help the community address the ongoing food insecurity according to a Dallas Innovates article from November 23 which says, 

“Dallas-based ArganoKeste, a tech services firm focused on commerce-to-cash solutions in the B2B space, is further stepping into the social impact space with the release of a new application serving people in need in Dallas County.

Mobile Pantry, built on the Salesforce platform, supplies convenience, accessibility, and food services in communities still recuperating from the effects of COVID-19.

It’s specifically built for Crossroads Community Services. The Dallas-based organization uses its distribution network and in-house pantry to provide nutritious food to its low-income neighbors. It also offers supportive education to change the way people think about hunger.”

The initiative was brought by the ongoing alarming food insecurity that was even heightened by the pandemic according to a Dallas Morning News article from November 22 which observes,

“According to Feeding America data from 2019, Tarrant County had 266,980 people living with food insecurity. In Dallas County, the pre-pandemic number was 364,840.

The Impact of the Coronavirus on Local Food Insecurity,” a Feeding America report from March 2021, lists Texas as No. 1 among the top five states with the highest projected number of people living in households with food insecurity.

The report said 4,774,520 people lived in households with food insecurity in Texas in 2021.

According to this report, the level of food uncertainty will take time to recover, especially among communities of color.”

Headliners of the ArganoKeste and Crossroads Community Services both made it crystal clear that they will extend necessary efforts to lend a hand to the people affected and that together they will make it work according to a Cision article from November 19 which says,

“Benaye Y. Rogers, President and CEO, Crossroads Community Services expresses how the application impacts their organization, “At our core, one of our strongest values is service. Service without dignity, cannot be true service.  We strive in every way we meet our client’s needs in a manner that dignifies all people, regardless of their life circumstances. This new application allows our clients the highest convenience and choice. We continue to focus on developing programs and tools that impact our families to make differences that last.”

Howard Moore, CEO of ArganoKeste, emphasized the importance of their mission, “Crossroads Community Services is an indispensable organization for Dallas County and I’m proud to support them. This organization has grown over the years to provide millions of meals for families and we’re committed to helping them provide even more.”

With the end of the pandemic on sight, there are still ongoing problems to address and fortunately, there are still people and organizations making an effort to help every individual reach the end of the pandemic as if saying that no one gets left behind.