SC’s Lachuné Boyd Amazes on ‘America’s Got Talent

Laschune Boyd hits the note! During the June 27 episode of “America’s Got Talent,” diverse acts captivated audiences, including a magical disappearance, dancing dog, and impressive vocal performance by Lachuné Boyd, according to a Post and Courier article which reports, 

“Over the course of two hours, a man made pocket change disappear, a dog danced with its owner and someone produced pairs of shoes from thin air. The vocal talent of Lachuné Boyd, however, was perhaps the most magical part of the June 27 episode of “America’s Got Talent.”

It was the first round of three on “America’s Got Talent” Season 18, and Boyd easily fit into one of the 55 spots reserved for the next “Live Shows” round, ultimately gunning for the million-dollar prize.”

Lachuné Boyd’s exceptional performance on “America’s Got Talent” earned her high praise from judges, securing her spot in the live rounds, according to a Music Man article. They say, 

“Lachuné received lavish praise from the judges, and was put through to the live rounds. Simon Cowell perceptively commented after the performance that the main thing Lachuné needs to work out is what lane, what style of music, she is going to focus on. As good as the Coldplay cover is, there is tension between the pop of Yellow and the gospel in her voice. Not that pop and gospel are incompatible. Soul is one example of secularised pop with gospel roots. I would love to hear Lachuné sing Aretha!”

Lachuné Boyd, now based in Fort Worth, Texas, pursuing a music master’s degree, also teaches singing lessons. Her debut album, “Sing Hallelujah!” released in 2022, hints at her rising artistic potential.