Texas Bluebonnets Paint North Texas Landscape Brilliance

Bluebonnets are blooming along North Texas highways, signaling spring’s arrival. Meteorologist David Finfrock anticipates a bumper crop due to El Niño, expecting a superbloom, according to an NBCDFW article. They say, 

“It’s a sure sign of spring in Texas, Bluebonnets have started to spring up alongside highways in North Texas.

An NBC 5 photojournalist captured video of the state flower along State Highway 360 near FAA Boulevard near the Studios at DFW.

NBC 5 Senior Meteorologist David Finfrock said he expected to see a bumper crop of the state flower and other wildflowers this spring.

“Thanks to El Niño, I am expecting another superbloom of Texas wildflowers this spring.””

Bluebonnets are thriving this season due to last year’s hot summer and a wet winter. Experts predict an impressive bluebonnet display, rating this year an eight or possibly even better, according to a Space City Weather article. In it they say, 

“Summary: In today’s post I discuss the bluebonnet season, and look ahead to warmer weather and a likely wet weekend. If you have outdoor plans, you’ll definitely want to keep tabs on the potential for precipitation.

Texas bluebonnets

I wanted to say a quick word about wildflowers in general, and bluebonnets in particular. If you’ve driven between Houston and Austin of late you know they’re spectacular. The combination of a very hot summer last year, which thinned out wildflower competition, and a relatively wet winter created near ideal conditions for this bluebonnet season. “On a scale from one to 10, this year looks like it could be an eight, for bluebonnets in particular, if not even better,” said Andrea DeLong-Amaya, of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, in a forecast a few weeks ago.”

The Ennis Bluebonnet Trail expects peak blooms in mid to late April, offering 40 miles of scenic trails with iconic Texas photo spots featuring local wildlife.