Toshiba Opens New Innovation and Incubation Facility in Frisco

Toshiba’s retail division, Toshiba Global Commerce  is opening a new hub for innovation and incubation as part of their initiative to meet growing demand according to a List23 article which reports, 

“Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions is expanding its presence in Frisco, Texas, to attract high-tech talent and technology partners to develop new solutions and incubate future innovation. The expanded footprint will:

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, a recognized leader in digital transformation in the retail sector, is committed to providing flexible, customer-centric solutions that optimize consumer experiences when, where, and how they shop. While many tech businesses are cutting back, we are investing significantly and expanding to meet new demand created by our commerce platform recognized for speeding digital transformation to deliver an exceptional retail experience.”

The facility is expected to help accelerate the company’s growth strategy, expand and broaden investments, and incubate innovation in the retail space according to a Business Wire article. They say, 

“As a hub for the company’s initiatives to meet the growing demand to reimagine the store of the future, the expanded footprint will:

  • Accelerate the company’s growth strategy through investments in cloud development, computer vision and retail IoT
  • Increase the company’s commitment to technology partnerships to incubate new retail innovation 
  • Broaden capital investments, including a new team dedicated to mergers & acquisition”

Toshiba is recruiting individuals with experience and skills in cloud, microservices, and edge computing. They are bringing in an initial 50 jobs in the area in 2022, and they plan to triple that in the next two years.