Wade Park Development in Frisco Gets Green Light

The Frisco City Council has approved the revival of the stalled Wade Park development, now named The Mix, with a $2 billion project featuring various elements. JVP Management is leading the effort, according to an Off Plan Property Exchange article. In it they say,

“The Frisco City Council has given final approval to plans to revive the stalled Wade Park development, now rebranded as The Mix. The $2 billion project, which was put on hold in 2017, will feature 2 million square feet of office space, 375,000 square feet of retail space, two hotels, for-sale townhomes, and over 3,000 urban living units. The development will be built around a nine-acre central park.

JVP Management, the company that took control of the property in 2019, received unanimous approval from the council for the new development plan. The first phase of construction will include 100,000 square feet of retail space, a 120,000 square foot medical office building, 653 urban apartments, and part of the central park. Construction of this phase is expected to take about three years.”

JVP Management anticipates a three-year timeline for the 23-acre first phase of The Mix development, with plans to replace the water-filled excavation, according to a Dallas Morning News article. They say, 

“JVP Management said construction of the 23-acre first phase is expected to take about three years.

The developers plan to eventually fill the water-filled excavation on the tollway with a more than 2,200-space underground parking garage.

“Right now, what’s out there looks like the moon – you have a giant hole and some half-completed buildings,” said JVP Management’s Tim Campbell. “It’s been six or seven years that the residents of Frisco have been looking at that and it’s time to get something beautiful in its place. We have plans and are ready to move forward with phase one.””

JVP Management is excited to bring The Mix to Frisco and acknowledges the city’s visionary leadership. Despite the pause, construction progresses, according to a Local Profile article which says, 

““We admire what Frisco leaders have achieved and their vision for the future,” Campbell said. “We’re all excited to make The Mix a reality and an integral part of the incredible community of Frisco.”

The project’s site has been under scrutiny recently after the development was paused. Currently, construction has cleared the way for further development and a large hole is in place of what will soon be The Mix.”

The Mix, set to grace Frisco’s evolving landscape, brings hope as it renews the once-stalled Wade Park project, offering a vibrant blend of commercial and residential spaces for all.